Lola Kain

Lola Kain | Achiever 2019

My Achieve2B Story

“I LEARNED I WAS GOOD AT MAKING FRIENDS” International Exchange Student -Inaugural Tongan Exchange student for 5 weeks in. Lola was Achieve 2B’s first ever International Exchange student to Tonga.

In Term 2, Lola was Achieve 2B’s first International Exchange student to Tonga. Lola left her family in Whangarei and went to spend 5 weeks with her host family which included three primary school sisters. A very culturally different way of life from New Zealand. Lola went to the Ocean of Light School where she became a part of a strong group of friends. During her exchange, Lola volunteered for the Ofa Tui Amanaki (OTA) School which is a school for children with disabilities. Lola advised that from this exchange it forced her to step outside her comfort zone and she was transformed to think and act independently.