About Us

ACHIEVE 2B TRUST – Inclusive Student Exchange Network

Achieve 2B is an inspiring intercultural programme for young people with disabilities, facilitating National and International exchanges. Achieve 2B is distinctively different as it proactively works with international partners and disability service providers to ensure students contribute, benefit and participate.

Our Fundamental Principles


Achieve 2B is an inspiring intercultural exchange program for young people with disabilities empowering global/local inclusion and participation.


We will provide educational opportunities through intercultural exchanges that will have sustainable transformational outcomes for its participants.


Achieve 2B is founded on the following values:

  • Diversity: We appreciate variance and difference.
  • Respect: In all interactions we demonstrate integrity, dignity and honesty.
  • Collaboration: We realise our need for interdependence.
  • Participation: We take part in activities that encourage us to reach our full potential.
  • Excellence: In all that we do, we give of our very best for the highest quality outcomes.