Summer Newsletter 2021

From the Founders Desk

As we warm up for Christmas and Summer it is undoubtedly true that for many of us after extended lock downs we are reconnecting with family, friends and loved ones.  For me, there is a kind of nostalgic sentiment here.  Especially as a former exchange student.  The elation that can come from reconnecting with your host family or long lost school friends.   As people reconnected we enjoy shared histories and experiences that have shaped and formed us .  An unbreakable bond of kindred spirits that neither time or distance can fade.  I hope that all Achievers as they move through adulthood get to reconnect with their host families and friends who have walked and spoken into their lives and contributed to shaping them into the people they have become.

It is well known that Achieve 2B has experienced yet another topsy tervy year.  Although the year started off well and was full of hope as we tried to launch the ‘In Our Backyard’ program, it came to a grinding halt as the realty of COVID 19 forced us into recess.  This recess is giving us time to reflect engage with others and plan for a new journey ahead.  

Recess so far has given us an opportunity to reconnect with other Achieve 2B friends and stakeholders,.  An opportunity to continue the conversation.  The reoccurring theme is that although many exchange programs within New Zealand have gone into hibernation, there is continued endorsement of the validity of intercultural learning,.  As soon as our world heals there is a collective ‘Let’s return to business as usual’.  However we have also used it as an ‘opportunity’.  An opportunity to explore other ways in which intercultural learning can be experienced.

Thank you for staying the course with us.  I look forward to 2022 even if it is with  trepidation.  With the increased vaccinated population, our hope is that Achieve 2B will be able to return to some level of function along the course of the year.  

My Christmas wish for you all is that as you reconnect with family, friends and loved ones, you take time to breath in and out and enjoy the beauty that comes from the festive season. 

Julia Hartshorne

AGM 2022

Details for our next AGM Meeting:

Date: Saturday 12th February 2022

Time: 12.00pm to 12.30pm

Venue: TBA

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