“You will Achieve” by Julia Vaatuitui-Hartshorne

Hi all, I have just released my book “You will Achieve” that I’ve written to coincide with the Achieve2B launch. The book relates my personal journey which aims to give hope to parents who have children with disabilities and help these children realize and reach their own potential.

You can request a copy from me directly by phone or email, or feel free to use the Paypal button below to buy my book now.

All proceeds go to Achieve2B Trust.

Cost – $30 NZD + $5 Postage

You will Achieve Book Cover
“You will Achieve! is set against a backdrop of courage, determination and love.

One young girl’s courage to find herself against others’ unbelief in her and school yard bullying, while also learning what it means to have mild cerebral palsy.

One mother’s determination to ensure that her daughter’s disability does not become all that she is but rather ensures Julia embraces her disability, limitations, strengths and life in its entirety.

After growing up to become an American Field Service exchange student, and experiencing a successful but challenging young adulthood, this background flourishes into determination and passion which is used to transform the lives of others.”

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