Achieve2B article on Leadership New Zealand

I have written an article for Leadership New Zealand about Achieve 2B.

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Written by Julia Hartshorne, Founder of Achieve 2B and 2015 Alumna

Achieve 2B is an inspiring intercultural programme for young people with disabilities, facilitating national and international exchanges. In today’s climate, there is an absence of intercultural exchange programs that cater to the needs of young disabled people. This creates further inequalities for these young people. What makes Achieve 2B distinctively different is that it works with national/international partners, governmental agencies and disability service providers to provide support that enables students to participate and achieve.

In 1988/89 at age 17 with Mild Cerebral Palsy, I did the unthinkable and completed a one-year AFS Exchange Program to the USA. This positive experience provided the blue print for my life. During my career path as a Social Worker, I quickly developed a passion for working with people with disabilities. It appeared that young people with disabilities do not go on Intercultural Exchange Programs. Therefore, the Achieve 2B was born out of my unrelenting desire to ensure that young people with disabilities have opportunities equal to that of their peers.

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